The Day Amazon's Iowaska Ran Out

On February 28th Amazon's AWS SL2 ran out of steam. Whilst down many sites crashed. Amazon got it working again the next day, the news came to my attention via Twitter. In this post we look at what happens when Amazon's Iowaska Ran Out.

Serving anything online comes with no iron clad guarantees. Iowaska I am positive would come with a money back guarantee, if it did not do what it says on the tin. I am also sure the effects would be different all over the world. In rural areas it should be fine, however urban residents are more likely to buy these sorts of alternative medicines online. And rural residents to not always take too kindly to city folks coming to town walking around like zombies talking rubbish. There is a chance though some less technological savvie will get roped into buying from peddlers iowaska from Amazon online.

Whenever something like this runs out or there is a drought for a day nobody cares really. Iowaska is known to reverse the effects of LSD and flyer garrat mushrooms.

Amazon is said to be host to all sorts of alternative medications, the problem might be is: What happened when these products ran out? As the clouds close, the grey weather sets in. People experience dillusion of misery. The good news is that it only usually lasts for one day, however as we are finding out continually a lot of the same stuff can happen in one day. Any hiccups in the clouds that are used the most, people there are going to feel it. The problem seems to be when these people have problems, they want to overshare their problems. This is selfish. Imagine how the people at Amazon must feel.

There is an Amazon Window affiliate programme, where people spend currency on Advertising. The AWS cloud software is a fast way of loading these heavy visited websites. A day's investment could put a big hole in these affiliates pockets. Who honours payback, what insurance is available to these types of businesses? And more importantly does this still apply when peddling such products? Yes this applies more to Dark Web users but what happens when it goes off on regular WWW1 https web access?

People looking for a real education often turn to gimmicks from Amazon's. Imagine how they must have felt on the day they went there was the same day the Amazon's went down. Good some of you might say, others however are much more concerned about the ecology of the whole environment. The issue seems to be in surrounding pockets of internet access. We're seeing people on streets staring gormlessly at their smart phones, many of whom are struggling monthly to work out why they are paying so much for these contracts. These are Prime candidates for Amazon.

The Amazon's are not the only service offering cloud access to protect website's and particularly membership sites from falling down from grace. Just as iowaska is not the only hallucinogenic potion offering that next great miracle hit. I have pinned my recommendation s to you on Twitter (seen only on desktop versions. 

Here's that link I promised you, that should sort you out. @robertbridge RNA Drops all day! They are not using Amazon's AWS and everything there is sourced in USA. Golden Jet, Golden Jet. Whatsup!!!