Goats Hair Clothes Sack

The bible talks about six things in revelations that shine a light on the blood moons everyone talks about. The hexadic blurbs warn of all sorts of things washing up.
The humble reasons to help understand why texts like this serve a purpose can be found in the body of the text. The story is wafer thin but tastes great, be happy!!!
The sack cloth we see hear is made of the original goats hair mentioned in the bible's. Not all bibles cite the goats hair so not everyone likes goat's milk or goats cheese.

The Orange moon is depicted really well in this image and gives a good reason for wearing a woollen clothes sack during such occasions. We draw fond memories from the past by looking into all sorts of stuff and texts. Soon the truth appears to anyone who wants to see.

The DNA matrix has added new information which helps solve this biblical puzzle. We can understand and approximate man's shelter. The incubation process requires time not measured by the Sun and Universe per se. There are factors which only come around now and again. Archaeologists claim to have unity with ancient meteorologists of DNA from humans to dinosaurs.

The golden truth concludes and ends on a cliff until next week have fun.