7 Years of Britains Secret Union With Europe

There are forces at work to maintain what has been secretly going on for a few years. It came obvious to me we are another EU Union member about seven years ago. I noticed funding of teachers outside of the usual education framework. Even on the Isle of Man I noticed Eastern European cement vehicles. Construction is not all about work, it's about designated contracts buying and selling. This sort of stroking of backs has been going on for centuries. The lie then was that we in the UK were seperate from Europe. The fees may have been less then and the debt was balanced by the amount of funding coming in from Brussels who were setting up their global business. As the price rised and the rise in people leaving the country who were able bodied with perfect cvs moved away from families here in the UK. It's a shared secret that everyone knows parents of these people miss their kids. Financially happy many of these young British people were eventually filtered from European bases, Chinese jobs, Japan, Spain were all funelled into Dubai where fast cash could me made. Little did they know the same love they got being brought up was given to the influx of happy faces coming into to Britain. Remembering the preferences given to these people. We seen earlier glitches of new workers, labourers and strawberry pickers with the cockle insident. The death of all the workers on that beach nearly spilled out when it hit the mainstream media. Of course mainstream media hold all the communications power and were able to sway things into there own mandates. A lot of females came from Europe to Britain. The plan was to excite residents in England and Wales the illusion that everything was ok. After a few months in Britain these elligible single European ladies became just like the rest here in UK. Pretentious about beauty and more demanding of fine wine and exspensive pastries. They are now single parents like many due to media communications and other consumer brainwashing. The pubs in Britain have taken a hit due to semi blackmarket sales of fags and food on the street. I ask you this if we have been part of Europe all these years then why are pints and fags so exspensive here compared to Europe. We for years have been silently watching funds decrease down the drycleaners.